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The Story of the Parlour

The Parlour  is much more than a coffee shop. In the world of the franchise, the beige, the bland, and the boring, it’s a place where individual expression is encouraged with creativity at the core. It's a place of individuality not individualism, a place of warmth and vibrancy. 


This environment exists not to sell another coffee in the predictable carton cup of a “throw away Culture”, but to create space to linger, to chat, to listen to the music of what happens between friends....or just to be. 


The Parlour hosts many events, literary, musical, historical and all sorts of artistic endeavour. The Parlour  feeds more than our physical appetite; nourishing our mind, body and spirit. 


It’s an environment that allows for true “time out” with food and refreshing drinks.


The Parlour is a portal  to the past...a relaxed oasis, a new public house.

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