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Featured Parlour Partner:

Cian Hawes 

Pure Food Company

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Eighty9 Coffee

J.J. Darboven has been brewing coffee in Ireland since 1989. The name Eighty9 is a throwback to the year that Eamonn started our journey.

The beans inside are from the best growing regions on the planet, cultivated by dedicated farmers, and roasted by experts, in Ireland.

Our small lot roastery in Ireland allows us to produce region specific coffees, which are truly at the forefront of the coffee movement.

As coffee roasters, our ethos is simple – each master roaster must know how to interpret the colour, the aroma & even the crackling of roasted coffee beans, to ensure that each and every bean is roasted to perfection. After all, we breathe coffee.


Suirway Transport

Our fleet is one of the most modern in the country. In fact, not much has changed in that regard. When we first put a bus on the road, it was the most up to date of its time, and now 120 years later, our current fleet is still the most advanced in Ireland.

A family run business, we do our best to offer a professional service with a personal touch. We love dealing with the general public and believe it shows in our customer service and product quality. Our golden rules are reliability, safety, cleanliness and comfort. Everything we do is governed by these guiding principles.



Winelab is Ireland's only wine on tap specialist. We source wines directly from small, artisan, 'new-wave' winemakers. Most of these producers practice low-intervention wine-making, meaning nothing added and nothing taken away, and most use organic, biodynamic or sustainable farming techniques. We believe in ‘real’ wines that are fresh, vibrant and hand made.


Not only is our cutting edge wine on tap system excellent at providing great quality wines from the first glass to the last, it also has significant environmental benefits. With our kegs there is 94% less packaging than bottles, with no foil capsule, corks, screwcaps or labels. We return the used kegs to the manufacturer who recycles the kegs into new kegs for us, ensuring a closed loop system. Because the kegs are large and light, carbon emissions are reduced by up to 50% over shipping glass bottles.


Featured Parlour Partner:

Waterford Chamber 


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