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    Dalian Chengda Electromechanical Equipment Installation Co., Ltd is an integrative company, which is engaged in installation & commissioning of all kinds of mechanical and electrical equipment, building renovation works, non-standard steel container production, chemical pipelines installation engineering, ventilation equipment manufacturing, automatic electrical installation, equipment packaging engineering as well as related technical consulting and labor services.

    Since it was established in 1990, our company has undertaken a variety of complicated projects by actively exploring the market and carefully organizing construction engineering, and solved many problems of the customers by timely dispatching maintenance team. Since then, the company has set up a good image of integrity, installation, reassurance and speed. At present, with Dalian as the headquarters Chengda Company has developed the projects to Beijing, Tianjin, Tangshan, Baoding, Qingdao, Shenyang, Inner Mongolia, Shenzhen and other regions. In addition, it sets up an office in Tianjin and assigns perennial stationed staff to provide more effective and more efficient service to customers.

    Since its establishment, by adhering to the principle of integrity, installation, reassurance and speed, the company has hired many Japanese managers, introduced advanced managing mode and trained more than 20 project managers, of which there are 2 Japanese engineering and 6 technical staff who are proficient in Japanese. More than 30 talented technical personnel and nearly 100 skilled workers (riggers, fitters, welders, electricians, plumbers and riveters) form a well-experienced and cooperated team, and each of the staff possesses over 3-4 kinds of technology. The team has earned the trust and gratefulness of the customers, with the letter of thanks and rewards certificates filled with the conference room.

    Our company has various kinds of equipment: 70T, 50T, 25T and 8 T cane; 2 sets of 7T diesel fork lift trucks, 5 sets of 3T diesel fork lift trucks; 6 sets of 3T electric fork-lift trucks and one unit of 200T gantry crane. Besides, our company has introduced many kinds of advanced installation and welding equipment, including AMADA laser cutting machine, Panasonic welding machine, Imano Jack and other Japanese tools for equipment, pipeline and electrical installation.

    We have offered our service for many world famous enterprises especially Japan enterprises and earned high honor from them. And now we have maintained long-term cooperative relationships with many well-known enterprises and relevant enterprises in Japan.

    The company will always uphold the integrity, security, reassurance and speed principles to cultivate more advanced construction management team and more perfect construction team to solve various problems of customers more economically.

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    Address: 1003-1 Wuyi Road, Xianjin Street , Jinzhou District, Dalian City

    TEL::86-0411-87635885  86-0411-87635532 FAX:86-0411-87535831


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